The Original Rolykit The Original:
Between the launch of this product in 1979 and now, more than 8 million pieces have been sold worldwide. The ROLYKIT toolbox is manufactered of strong, high impact polystyrene and has numerous possibilities to employ for craftsman, DIY enthusiast, hobbyist, fitter, angler etc.
Armand Ferrat Armand Ferrat:
In 1985 Vandermolen B.V. developed a cosmetic box for Lancôme France and a slightly smaller version which was succesfully used by L´Oréal and Avon Cosmetics in the U.S.A.
Pencil Box Pencil Box:
A further development to the range of Rolykit products was a series of stationary boxes, equipped with first class writing instruments and paintmaterials.
The most ingenious sewing box in the world. It can be unrolled to both sides and keeps your small sewing accessories neatly in place. Awfully handy and a beautiful addition to your home.
Cosmetic Organizer Cosmetic Organizer:
The Cosmetic Organizer is a spacious storage system for all those small items that women use to enhance their natural beauty. Everything can be neatly organised in the 550 cubic inches storage capacity of this patented "roll-up,roll-down" storage box.
First Aid kit First Aid kit:
Patented and filled with a variety of the most necessary first aid materials. For use on travel, in your car or camper, in your second house or camping out.
Carat Carat:
In 1994 Rolykit started manufacturing a revolutionary storage box for jewelry in 2 sizes. Specially designed and aimed at DRTV in the USA.
Rolydisc & Rolycas:
A total new concept range of storage systems for compact discs called Rolydisc and the subsequent addition of a similar box for audio cassettes called Rolycas became the "hit" in the late 80-ies, making this range a market leader in most European countries.
CD-Rom Box:
The Rolykit CD-ROM Box is specially made for the storage of 20 CD-ROM´s. The colour of box and roll-top fit exactly to your PC.
CD-Rom box
Early 1991 another new product from Rolykit appeared on the market, the Rolydata, a storage box for 31/2 inch computer diskettes.
The avant guard designed Miracle System consists of individual units which can be converted into an elegant tower wit a smooth running revolving door.
Space System:
The Space System is a very practical stackable multi media system for 50 CD´s or 64 audio-cassettes.
Space System
Zip Cases:
The ZIP-Case range consists of 15 water resistant nylon bags with padded lining for the storage of a variety of audio and computer accessories.
Zip Cases
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